Iomega Introduces Cloud Feature To NAS Server

Storage solutions provider Iomega has announced that it plans to include its Personal Cloud service on the 4-bay NAS server at CES.

According to Cnet, the ix4-200d Cloud Edition server with the Personal Cloud service, will be shipped to consumers after March 2011.

The company also unveiled the cloud versions of its Home Media Network server and the StorCenter ix2-200.

Iomega said that the ix4-200d Cloud Edition will come with a larger storage options of up to 12 TB and more RAID configurations.

The Personal Cloud service allows users to connect to a cloud enabled storage device with a PC or a Mac, as well as remotely manage and share their data and allow others to view and edit their data. The service is completely free of charge and is highly secure as only users with the proper permissions will be able to access the data.

The ix4-200d Cloud Edition 4TB version will be available for $830 while the 8TB version will be available for $1,300.