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IT Job Opportunities Rise By A Quarter

IT job opportunities in the UK have risen by almost a quarter in the past year, data revealed in the Reed IT Job Index has shown.

The Job Index, which was started in 2009, shows an overall mean rise in UK recruitment year-on-year in December of 4 per cent, with IT recruitment outperforming the banking and charity sectors, along with consultancy and retail.

The yearly rise in IT opportunity figures is impressive, despite a small fall between November and December 2010, and is four times that of the UK economy as a whole.

But the rise in IT opportunities has not been matched by a significant rise in average salaries.

This could change though, says managing director Martin Warnes.

“Although salaries have stayed flat as competition for IT jobs remains fierce, the most recent data shows this is beginning to change,” he said. “Skills shortages are beginning to reappear and can very quickly start to drive salaries up again.”