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Marvell Announces SSD and HDD Hybrid Drive

Storage technology maker Marvell has unveiled a hybrid storage solution that combines solid-state drives (SSD) and traditional hard disk drives (HDD) at CES in Las Vegas, ZDNet reports.

The 88SE9130 6Gbps SATA storage controller showcased by the company is based on its HyperDuo embedded processor technology and designed to bring SSD benefits to desktops and other consumer electronics devices.

The hybrid storage solution will offer the features of a SSD drive but will also allow users to store data on a traditional HDD drive, the company said.

Marvell claim that the 88SE9130 will be able to operate in two modes: Safe Mode and Capacity Mode. In Safe Mode, the device will offer data protection by replicating the data on the SDD drive to the HDD drive. The Capacity Mode will offer maximum storage options to users.

The company said that several motherboard makers including Gigabyte, Asus and ASRock have already agreed to deploy the technology in their products.