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Parrot Debuts Android-Based Car Radio

Electronics company Parrot, has unveiled a new Android-based car radio at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The Parrot Asteroid will allow users to sync their phone contacts with the device using Bluetooth and also features handsfree calling using voice commands.

“Access to the phonebook can be done without any manipulation thanks to voice synthesis (Text-To-Speech) and training-free, multi-user voice recognition. Drivers only have to announce the name of a contact then dialing is automatic and the conversation will be diffused through the audio system of the car. No manipulation is required with incoming calls: drivers just have to say ‘accept’ or ‘reject’,” Parrot said in a press release.

The Asteroid comes with a GPS dongle provided, although the company will also sell a 3G dongle which will let owners access maps, up-to-date traffic and construction alerts, as well as stream Internet radio.

The device will also have a standard AM/FM radio tuner.

Parrot is yet to announce any prices, but did say that the head unit will be released during Q1 in France, Spain, Italy the UK and Germany, before arriving in the US during Q2.