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Apple Store staff orders point to iPad 2 launch

Apple retail store staff have been told they can't take holidays at the end of January or for most of February further fuelling rumours of an iPad 2 launch.

According to the normally reliable Apple Insider, shop workers have been issued a holiday 'blackout' for the last week of January and the first two or three weeks of February although they have been given no clue as to why.

The Cupertino company is also rumoured to be retaining seasonal staff hired for the Christmas period in the run-up to what most pundits are assuming will be the launch of the next iteration of the iPad.

Other possible candidates include the iPhone 5 and a refresh to the MacBook Pro range, but our money is on the iPad 2, which our crystal balls tell us will tip up with two cameras, a slimmer bezel, better sound quality, a higher resolution screen and a lighter chassis. Maybe.