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Casio Launches New Tryx Camera At CES

Casio has launched its new Tryx Camera at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, prompting some strange looks due to its unconventional appearance.

The point-and-shoot camera incorporates a flip-out frame which can rotate a full 360-degrees around the screen. The screen itself also rotates 270-degrees, giving the user a high level of flexibility, Cnet reports.

There is no optical zoom due to the thickness of the camera (only 0.6 inches) but Casio have fitted the Tryx with their High-Speed SR Zoom technology which promises no loss of image quality up to 2x digital zoom.

The 12-megapixel sensor is also capable of recording full HD movie (.MOV) files at a speed of 30fps as well as high-speed filming at 240fps, albeit at a much lower resolution (433x320).

Toshi Iguchi, senior general manager of Casio America’s digital imaging division, said: “Unlike anything the industry has ever seen, TRYX brings unparalleled innovation and versatility straight to consumers’ hands with a radical new design”.