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Casio Releases Details of Bluetooth Watch At CES

Casio has demoed a new Bluetooth low energy watch that can communicate with smartphones at CES in Las Vegas today.

In a press release, Casio announced that the watch will run on a normal single-cell button battery, like those found in other wristwatches and small electronic devices.

Its low power consumption Bluetooth technology means that the battery should last for up to two years, negating the need to constantly recharge like so many power-hungry Bluetooth devices.

Accurate time information can be transmitted from the owner’s smartphone to ensure that their devices stay in sync. Users can also synchronise smartphone alarm and vibration settings with the watch, as well as turn off call alerts.

The only drawback, aside from it being no looker, is that no current smartphone on the market incorporates the low energy Bluetooth technology yet, so buyers will have to wait to take full advantage of their watch’s functionality.