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Global Spam Levels Sharply Drop Over Christmas

Symantec has reported that global levels of spam e-mails dramatically fell over the Christmas period.

According to the company (opens in new tab), levels of spam had already been falling steadily over the months running up to Christmas, although during the festive season itself there was a drastic drop in rogue emails, with 30,000,000,000 fewer instances being logged between 25-28 December.

The only reason given for the fall thus far by the security software maker, is the apparent shutdown of the Rustock botnet over the period.

“Since 25th December, Rustock seems to have all but shut down, with the amount of spam coming from it consistently accounting for below 0.5 per cent of all spam worldwide. Further contributing to the massive reduction in spam levels is the apparent mollification of two other major botnets, Lethic and Xarvester.” Paul Wood of Symantec explained (opens in new tab).

“We would not expect the level of spam to stay this low for long,” Wood warned. “We would expect other botnets, even new ones, to pick-up where they have left off - very soon.”

This news also follows the arrest and trial of Russian spammer Oleg Nikolaenko, who has been blamed for sending one third of the world’s spam from his Mega D botnet, comprised of over 50,000 infected computers.