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iPhone 5 pics revealed

A spare-parts firm named GlobalDirectParts claims to have got hold of some bits of the mooted fifth version of the all-conquering iPhone and apparently cobbled together a five-minute video of the pared-down device.

The video in question didn't last long on YouTube before being pulled on orders from Apple. That, at least, seemed to suggest that the parts were the genuine article.

Some pictures remain floating about on the the Interwibble, however, and those that are turned on by such things can view those here.

Here the supposed iPhone 5 is on the left, with some differences with the current iPhone4 highlighted.

We missed the video which was apparently first spotted by the Boy Genius Report (opens in new tab) and kicked off a right kerfuffle as to which model iPhone is being displayed. Is it the CDMA Verizon version? We've gone with the iPhone 5, as that's probably what got you to click on this story in the first place.

Globaldirectparts is more circumspect. On the web site (opens in new tab) it says: "We have carefully examined and scrutinized these components and have confirmed 100% that these are born from an Apple iPhone not yet released. Could it be parts for the CDMA Apple iPhone 5 for Verizon Wireless or simply a reworked Next Generation Apple iPhone 5 or Apple iPhone 4 for AT&T that will be released ahead of Apple’s Traditional June Launch? Perhaps these parts belong to an Apple iPhone 4 CDMA Version that will be released on Verizon Wireless Only? One thing is for certain, these parts are new and internals for a yet unreleased Apple iPhone Handset."

Apple seems to have tweaked the antenna design - well it had to - and the phone shown sports a micro-SIM card slot. Some of the black strips on the casing have disappeared.

Here again, the new phone is on the left and looks a similar size and 'heft', as Stephen fry might put it, to the current model.

Quite why a spare-parts distributor would have parts for an as-yet unreleased phone escapes us, but the outfit claims to have more to come, unless the jack-booted lawyers come a-calling first. Or maybe Apple cunningly engineered the whole thing, while most techies had their eyes glued to the CES happenings in Las Vegas.

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