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Kinect Blamed For Crashing Xbox 360 Consoles

Microsoft's Xbox 360 owners in the UK using the Kinect device, have been blaming the motion gaming peripheral for crashing their consoles.

A report on BBC News (opens in new tab) cites a number of frustrated Xbox 360 owners, who claim that their console crashed as soon as they connected Kinect to the system.

Users have claimed that after the connected the motion gaming device to the console, the 'red light of death', a flaw that had plagued the older versions of Microsoft's console, started flashing. After this, the users complained that their consoles crashed.

One Xbox owner wrote on an online gaming forum: “I have never had a single issue with my Xbox. I got Kinect for Christmas and the screen starting freezing randomly. Then on New Year's eve... BAM I got the red ring. Very sad.”

Microsoft claims that Kinect could not have caused the crash.

A company spokesperson told BBC News: “There is no correlation between the three flashing red lights error and Kinect. Any new instances of the three flashing red lights error are merely coincidental.” monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.