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Loveless aim lawsuit at

Miffed wannabe lovers are suing dating site claiming that profiles of potential victims have often either expired or turn out to have been planted by spammers.

A class action lawsuit filed in the US District Court of Northern Texas by former customers alleges the Dallas-based online match-maker is misleading users by not filleting out the fakers, the happily hooked up, the dead and the past it.

"Match takes virtually no action to remove these profiles," the plaintiffs claim. "With regard to the thousands of fake or fraudulent profiles, Match likewise makes little to no effort to vet, police or remove these profiles and thereby permits, condones and acquiesces in their posting," the suit says.

Lawyers for the loveless claim that many profiles on the site are of porn actresses or pictures of dolly birds pinched from other web sites. They further claim that when a subscription is about to expire, users often get a 'wink' from another user suggesting they'd like to hook up.

When the subscription is renewed the winker turns out to have mysteriously expired. is yet to respond to the claims.