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News@10: Windows 8 Will Run On ARM Natively, Amazon Opens Appstore Developer For Android & Intel

Microsoft announced today what some may consider as the most important event of CES ever, the fact that Windows 8 will run natively on ARM system on chip solutions.

Amazon is inviting programmers to submit apps for sale through the soon-to-be launched Amazon Appstore for Android-based devices. Accessible through, the Appstore Developer Portal allows mobile application developers to market and sell their apps on Amazon.

Intel wants to eat Nvidia's lunch with Sandy Bridge, the second generation Core processor family, that's the crux of the the company's press conference here at CES 2011.

A new first person shooter (FPS) title is to dedicate a focus to the mental and emotional costs of violence, rather than condoning mindless massacre. Homefront, which is being developed by THQ and Kaos Studios, aims to achieve this by preventing players from desensitising themselves to their virtual blood-shed.

Samsung has launched what it claims to be the world’s first Android-based MP3 player at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.