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Nvidia To Rival Intel With Project Denver

The CEO of Nvidia, Jen-Hsun Huang, closed his press conference with a slide about a secret project called Denver, which is a high performance ARM core designed by the Santa Clara based semiconductor firm.

This is Nvidia's first endeavour in the CPU market and was its only option as it is unlikely Intel would have provided it with an x86 license.

The announcement coincides with Microsoft's demonstration of Windows working on an ARM-based platform; Microsoft announced that the next version of Windows would support Nvidia-based ARM chips amongst others.

Nvidia is the only ARM licensee that has a graphics IP portfolio and the act that Nvidia mentioned a high performance core means that we're likely to see something from based on the Eagle, which will come in 2012.

The announcement is important for ARM as it confirms the company's ambitions to take both AMD and Intel head on in the non-mobile market as early as next year.

For Nvidia, it means that it can now rival Intel and AMD on equal footing with both GPU and CPU offerings.