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Quora Is The Website With All The Answers

Quora, a new question-and-answer website that uses Twitter-like following technology, has established itself as one of the hottest web properties around, The Guardian reports.

The site, which went public last year, is based on a simple Q & A format. Users simply sign-up and start asking questions before receiving a prompt answer from Quora.

Like Wikipedia, the platform relies on user contributions and maintains a growing database that matches users' questions with preferred answers. The answers on the platform are prioritised on the basis of their usefulness and people can even follow contributors who are known to give the best answers to questions.

Quora founder Charlie Cheever told the San Jose Mercury News: "Right now, most of the content on Quora is very good. It's very thoughtful and well written. So as we keep growing, how do we maintain that quality? There's no one answer."

The website first appeared around Christmas-time when it experienced a sudden rise in web traffic. The easy-to-use, simple functionality of the website is attracting many web users in search of answers.

Quora was founded in 2009 by Cheever and Adam D'Angelo, both former Facebook employees, and now boasts more than 500,000 users.