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Samsung And LG Announce More Affordable 3D TVs

Samsung and LG both announced plans to expand their current 3D TV line-up at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Reuters reports that the TV manufacturers are planning another foray into the emerging 3D TV market by expanding their product line-up with more affordable offerings.

Last year, sales for 3D and connected TVs failed to meet company sales expectations. This was jointly blamed on consumers holding off on comparatively expensive 3D TV purchases after only just investing in their first flat-screen TVs and also on the lack of widely available 3D content.

This year companies seem more optimistic about the future of 3D technology and are planning on releasing an array of 3D TVs and connected devices for home use.

“Our 3D models were limited to three last year and they were mainly aimed at the high-end segment. We plan to extend lineups to offer more affordable products,” Lee Kyung-shik, vice president of Samsung's TV business said at CES.