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Son Of Bobcat To Integrate Southbridge Silicon

Future AMD processors based on the Bobcat microarchitecture will integrate the Southbridge, increasing the amount of features offered by one piece of silicon.

Speaking exclusively to, Angela Neill, AMD vice president for Software Development Products Group, said that it was a logical step after the GPU and the CPU merged into a single APU chip.

Currently, the Brazos platform comprises of a separate Ontario/Zacate APU and a SB750 Southbridge connected via Unified Media Interface interconnect.

Bringing the Southbridge onboard would decrease the overall cost for AMD and system integrators, allow for even smaller motherboards and reduce power dissipation.

AMD would not be the first manufacturer to integrate the South Bridge with the CPU. Five years ago, VIA introduced the C7-M which brought the CPU, the NB and the SB altogether.

Ms Neill highlighted the increasingly important role played by software in making the whole APU ecosystem work seamlessly adding that without appropriate software, there simply wouldn't be any APU. She also added that the next iteration of Bobcat would come with the next version of Windows.