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U.S. Senate opens door to Macs

The Salt Lake Tribune's Thomas Burr reports that the U.S. Senate is for the first time now allowing offices to drop Windows and go with the Mac and newly-elected Utah Republican and member of the Tea Party movement Sen. Mike Lee has been quick to make the switch.

Burr says that Lee, who at age 39 is America's youngest senator, is an iPhone user with a large Mac monitor screen on the desk of his new temporary office, and that Lee's staff are bringing in Apple computers as well, with Lee's chief of staff, Spencer Stokes quipping "That's young and cutting edge."

Before this year, the Senate IT system didn't support Macs, but Democrats have long leaned toward Apple products, and President Bill Clinton's vice-president and 2000 Democrat presidential candidate Al Gore sits on Apple's board of directors. However, those partisan associations evidently haven't deterred Senator Lee's Mac enthusiasm.

Burr also notes that the state of Utah's senior United States Senator for Orrin Hatch, also a Republican, is still using Windows, but does use an iPad.