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Use Your Body To Power Gadgets On-The-Go

Tremont Electric has showcased a kinetic charger at CES in Las Vegas that utilises the movement of the human body to charge gadgets like smartphones, AFP reports.

The nPower PEG (personal energy generator) is a 9-inch long baton-shaped device that can be placed in a backpack or slipped into a pocket.

Power is created by moving an internal weight, which creates electricity in the coils. This electricity can then be stored in the battery.

The charger can then be connected to smartphones and other devices via a USB connection.

The company unveiled the device last year but actual shipments have only begun in 2011. Tremont said that the demand for the $160 gadget was high and it was ramping-up production to meet it.

Tremont's Jessica Davis said: “It's for any outdoors enthusiast who is deep in the woods and doesn't have access to a power outlet or for a commuter who constantly needs backup battery power. You could use this for an emergency situation or just for your commute.”