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Acer launches a second Android BlackBerry clone

Taiwanese computer manufacture Acer has unveiled the business-focused beTouch E210 Android handset, with a touch screen and a physical keyboard.

Acer’s beTouch E210 will arrive running Android ‘Froyo’ 2.2, with a 2.6-inch touch screen, a full Qwerty keypad and an optical trackerpad.

This mobile is only one of a handful of Android handsets with an actual keypad, as most seen around today are full touch screen devices where the E210 is being aimed at the business user and heaving text user.

Acer has another touch screen, Qwerty keyboard Android based mobile in the beTouch E130, where the E210 could effectively be replacing that model with an older Android ‘Donut’ 1.6 OS and 416Mhz processor - with this newer model and its faster 600Mhz processor

The form factor has been reworked in Acer’s latest phone, to be more professional with a more rounded body – whilst having the feel and look of a Nokia E series device or even a lower-end RIM handset.

The beTouch range comes from the acquisition of the mobile phone company E-Ten in 2006, with their well-known series of Glofish range of handsets.

Acer’s beTouch E210 is due to arrive in the UK in March, in both light silver and black with costs and mobile phone networks carrying the phone to still be announced.

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