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Facebook Hit By ‘My 1st St@tus’ Scam

Internet security firm Sophos has uncovered a new ‘My 1st St@tus’ survey scam spreading virally across Facebook.

According to Sophos (opens in new tab), wall posts claiming to be users’ first ever status updates are flooding the site since originally appearing on Thursday.

The messages read: “My 1st St@tus was: "[random message]". This was posted on [random date] Find your 1st St@tus @ [LINK]”

When the link is clicked on, users are taken to a rogue Facebook application which asks for permission to access users’ accounts and to post messages in their name. The application will then proceed to spam all friends’ accounts following the user with the same message.

If permission is granted, users are further encouraged to fill out a fake survey where they are sometimes asked to hand over their mobile phone number to sign up for a premium-rate service, so earning cash for those behind the scam.

As always, Facebook users are recommended to be wary of any app from unknown third-parties asking for access to their accounts. For those hit by this scam, or those similar, Sophos’ Graham Cluley has posted a video showing how to clean an infected Facebook account here (opens in new tab).