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iPad 2 Case Spotted at CES

A rear shell for Apple’s iPad 2 has reportedly been spotted at CES in Las Vegas, spawning much speculation over the possible new features and dimensions of the device.

The photos, first published on the iLounge website, suggest the iPad 2 will be a thinner than the current model, and feature a rear-facing camera and a larger speaker grille. The shell is also emblazoned with ‘iPad 2’ and ‘128 GB’ logos that will probably not be featured on the new device, but give an idea of its storage size.

There have been various case mock-ups from peripherals manufacturers at CES, ensuring that the iPad 2 causes a stir despite Apple’s non-attendance at the event. But the shell’s manufacturers Gopod Mobile have said that their version accurately depicts the as-yet unseen design of the new iPad.

Photos on the iLounge website also show a foldable rechargeable battery designed specifically for the iPad 2.

Current speculation suggests that the new iPad is set to be released in the first quarter of 2011.