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Microsoft Promises Not To Turn Back On Core Audience Despite Kinect Success

Microsoft has claimed that it will continue to focus on its “core audience” of Xbox 360 gamers, rather than solely producing titles for Kinect.

Kinect has been a runaway success for Microsoft, having sold 8 million units since its launch in November, and the company is already planning the release of number of new editions to the hardware including: Hulu, Netflix and Kinect Avatars which mimic user movement and facial expressions. But Microsoft has maintained that it won’t turn away from its core audience.

Speaking with IGN at CES (opens in new tab), PR Manager for Xbox 360 David Dennis said: “We're very aware of the key role the enthusiastic core audience played in making the Xbox 360 what it is, and we'll continue to support and develop (titles) like Halo and Gears of War."

Dennis also hinted at further upgrades to Xbox Live, most notably improvements to the friends list, as well as a number of behind-the-scenes improvements.

"We're very aware of the kinds of improvements Live users want to see, and we'll continue to work on developing the service," he said.

The Xbox 360 was wildly successful last year managing to sell more units than Sony’s PlayStation 3.