Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer Backs Kinect PC Support

The Xbox 360 Kinect controller could soon be given official PC support, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has said.

The BBC asked in an interview whether the popular motion-operated controller could make its way onto the mainstream PC market. In response, Ballmer said that Microsoft “will support that in a formal way in the right time”.

PC hacks have been devised and made widely available on the internet since the general release of the Kinect controller, but have only really been used by computer programming enthusiasts. Microsoft backing of official PC support would bring the Kinect to a much wider audience.

The migration to PC use also brings about the possibility that the motion-controller could be used for applications other than games, perhaps even letting users navigate their Windows desktop with hand gestures rather than mouse control.

This is something that has been mooted by Microsoft as far back as August 2010, before the Kinect was officially released.