Mitsubishi : No Laservue Television Set For UK

A PR spokesperson for Japanese powerhouse Mitsubishi told ITProPortal at CES 2011 that it doesn't have any plans in the near future to launch its large format television set family called Laservue in the UK.

The two reasons that Mitsubishi put forward to justify their decision has to do with the sheer size and complexity associated with transporting the television sets. This explains for example why Mitsubishi doesn't ship the Laservue range to Mexico or Canada and actually builds them in the only two countries where they are on sale, Japan and the US.

Furthermore, we were told that different countries have adopted different regulations with regards to lasers and customising each Laservue television for each market may prove to complicated.

There are currently two models available, a 65-inch and a 75-inch one, and the technology that powers them deliver twice the colour gamut of other TV technologies. In addition, they surpass the requirements of the US EnergyStart by 50 per cent.

Mitsubishi also had a huge 155 inch LED television on display, one which surpasses even Panasonic's 152-inch plasma screen which was released last year. Check the pictures below.