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NEC Showcases Dual-Screen Android Tablet At CES

NEC has demoed the world's first dual-screen Android tablet PC at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Although the device is only a prototype, the tablet's dual-screen design makes it stand out among the host of single-screen iPad competitors already showcased at CES this year, PC World reports.

The LifeTouch LT-W, which is the first Android device to offer two 7-inch touch-enabled displays, is designed to be held like a paperback.

NEC said that the tablet runs on a modified version of Google's Android 2.1 OS, and therefore would need to have applications developed from scratch.

The company also demonstrated a variety of apps, designed to make use of the dual screens, including one text book application which displayed text on one screen and tutorial videos on the other.

The prototype runs on a 1 GHz ARM Cortex processor and comes with support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies. NEC said that it had left space for adding 3G components later.