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Pro Evo 2011 Coming To Windows Phone 7

Game publisher Konami is to release a version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 for Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system.

The game will be specially designed for the smartphone platform, complete with mobile-based controls and Xbox Live integration. Players will also be able to take part in cup tournaments like the UEFA Champions League and Europa League.

The game will come with advanced team and player controls that take advantage of the on-screen controls, which will be powered by "True Flow" technology, as well as those on the keyboard of the smartphone.

Florian Stronk, the head of network business development, said in a statement: “PES 2011 arrives on a new format, bringing its intense realism and stunning gameplay to a whole new audience. PES gamers can now hone their skills while away from their system, while the true ethos of PES – skill, timing and beautiful football – can be enjoyed at any time, everywhere.”

The game is set to be ready for release in 'early' 2011.