Razer Launches Onza Xbox 360 Controllers At CES

Gaming peripherals maker Razer has launched its new generation of Xbox 360 gaming controllers at CES 2011 in Las Vegas.

The Onza Xbox 360 controllers are aimed at the "hardcore competitive gamer", offering "superior customisability with adjustable resistance analog sticks" for "exceptional" gaming precision, TechRadar reports.

The device, which is available in Tournament and Standard editions, also comes with an improved D-pad and two special buttons on the shoulder of the controller that allow users to access additional commands and controls to improve their game.

Razer said that the Tournament edition controller will cost £45 while the standard edition will be up for £35. Gamers can pre-order the controllers from 17 January.

Robert Krakoff, the president of Razer's US division, commented: “We predict mass hysteria in-stores, people will fight over fast-selling stock. Blood might be spilled. So I recommend pre-ordering for minimal stress and safety issues as riots and mass mobs are expected at Razers' retailers.”