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Razer Showcases Switchblade Gaming PC Portable At CES

Peripherals company Razer has launched portable gaming device Switchblade at the CES event in Las Vegas.

The prototype looks much like a Netbook due to its small form-factor, but Razer promises that it packs the gaming punch of a full-sized desktop, Cnet reports.

The unit is powered by an Intel Atom processor, which has often been criticised for its sluggish performance. But Brad Gaff, director of gaming platforms for Intel’s Ultra Mobility group, believes that Razer can get the best out of Intel’s hardware.

On the Razer website, he states: “The Intel® Atom™ processor, combined with Razer's expertise in bringing gaming solutions to market, will help make it possible for consumers to have a powerful gaming experience in mobile devices."

The Switchblade features a 7-inch touch screen and a dynamic keyboard that re-arranges itself according to the game that is being played. Razer are yet to issue any details on whether the unit will go into production, but gamers will be licking their lips in anticipation nonetheless.