Sony Says It Can Fix PS3 Hack With Updates

Sony insists it can plug the recent PlayStation 3 security breach, which allows users to install and run custom firmware on the console.

Despite claims to the contrary from fail0verflow, the group responsible for the hack, Sony is adamant that a network update will fix the breach.

In a statement to tech mag Edge, Sony announced that it is aware of the breach, and is currently investigating it.

“We will fix the issues through network updates, but because this is a security issue, we are not able to provide you with any more details,” Sony said.

fail0verflow had suggested that there was no recover” from their hack, and group member pytey had told the BBC that the only way to fix it would be to issue new hardware.

"The complete console is compromised – there is no way back," he said. "The only way to fix this is to issue new hardware. Sony will have to accept this."