Windows ARM Deal Is ‘Milestone’ For UK Company

ARM CEO Warren East has described their developments with Microsoft at CES in Las Vegas as a “milestone” for the British company.

Microsoft and ARM illustrated their growing partnership at CES yesterday by demoing a full version of Windows running on an ARM-based chip.

In a Microsoft press release, East said: “We are excited by today’s announcement, which marks a significant milestone for ARM and the ARM Partnership, and we look forward to working with Microsoft on the next generation of Windows.”

ARM-based chips are most widely found in mobile phones, but the successful trial of Windows at CES opens up the possible market for ARM’s technology to include laptops, tablets and slates, BBC News reports.

The company has also been working on new technology for server chips, allowing large data centres to run more efficiently.

East said: "If you can halve the energy consumption by moving to a low power architecture you can quarter your costs because it costs as much to cool the thing as it does to run the thing."