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iPhone goes to Verizon on Tuesday

The iPhone will finally make the long journey to Verizon Wireless's CDMA network, in a move to be announced in New York on Tuesday, according to a source who has been spilling the beans to the Wall Street Journal.

The second coming will give U.S. consumers wooed by the Apple handset a choice of network for the first time.

Up until now AT&T has been the only network carrying the signals beamed to and fro by the phone's dodgy antenna. A bit of competition might even bring the subscription price down a bit.

In light of this staggering (cough!) revelation, it seems that the bits of gadget that appeared on a spare parts web site earlier this week are more likely to be from this handset rather than from the iPhone 5, as we reported.

It may also explain why Apple salesfolk have been told not to take days off at the end of January and into February.

Equally, it may not. It's all conjecture up until this point, so we'll try and maintain a bit of enthusiasm until Tuesday, when, indeed, there may or may not be an announcement.