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Intel "Wrong" To Dismiss Windows For ARM Announcement

Semiconductor giant Intel may face its toughest challenge yet as ARM and its myriad of partners prepare to launch an unprecedented assault on the world of x86.

Although Intel spokesman Dave Salvator told the Register that Microsoft's announcement that they will be launching a full fat version of Windows for ARM is no threat, it looks as if they are dismissing the threat all too rapidly.

Intel might be the biggest semiconductor company in the world but it will be facing the likes of Nvidia, Qualcomm, Samsung, TI, ST Microelectronics and dozens of others, most of which are in the top 25 semiconductor companies worldwide.

Because of ARM's decentralised business model, its licensees (it has 80 on Cortex and more than 500 on Classic ARM) are free to plug in their own value added features.

Processors based on the Cortex A15 are likely to be released towards the end of 2013 which will give Intel three years to come up with something capable of competing with ARM without encroaching on its own products marketshare

That said, we've seen some pretty impressive implementations of the Cortex A9 at CES 2011 and we know for a fact that there are Quad-core Cortex A9 processors running in labs worldwide.

Then don't dismiss the graphics performance of ARM-based system on chips; Qualcomm purchased the mobile division of ATI two years ago and Nvidia is using an ultra low voltage Geforce in its Tegra.