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Nufront To Launch ARM-based Server Chip In August 2011?

Little known Chinese ARM licensee Nufront may be readying a bombshell for August 2011, in the form of a server optimised chip, as hinted by its VP Marketing, Rock Yang.

Yang, who was the APAC Mobile Computing Business Manager at ARM before moving to the Chinese outfit, told us that there will be a major announcement by Nufront in seven months.

A new version of the NuSmart 2816, its flagship processor, is likely to be introduced, one which will offer improved processor speeds (up to 2GHz) as well as support for server-friendly technologies like GbE as well as support for ECC memory.

Nufront's marketing man also told us that the 2816 would not find its way in any smartphone because of power dissipation issues. This may happen by next year though as TSMC moves manufacturing to a 28nm process.

Mass production for the 2816 will start in March 2011 with the first products, which are currently running at 1.6GHz, shipped by 2011. Nufront also had the world's fastest tablet on display at its stand at CES 2011.

Yang would not say whether or who Nufront's clients are but said that they were talking to a number of big OEMs/ODMs to use the 2816, which is a dual core Cortex A9 CPU coupled with a dual core Mali 400 GPU. Expect to hear much more about this outfit over the next few months.