Pictures : Nufront Demos World's Fastest Tablet

Chinese manufacturer NuFront has showcased the prototype of a tablet that runs a dual core Cortex A9 system on Chip at 1.2GHz, the fastest ever ARM-based chip featured in such a device.

Nufront doesn't actually manufacture any device; it is however an ARM licensee and develop its own system on chip which uses the Cortex A9 processor coupled with a dual core Mali-400 graphics subsystem.

The chip that powered the tablet was an underclocked version of its own NuSmart 2816, one that runs at 1.2GHz, which is faster (by clockspeedwise) than any other tablets on the market, all of which stop at 1GHz.

The tablet prototype on display features HDMI connectivity, 3G, a microSD card slot, a microphone, a front facing webcam.

The SoC was launched in September last year and can be clocked to 2GHz. It is manufactured using a 40nm manufacturing process and consumes only 2W when clocked at 1.6GHz.