3DS Not “Dangerous” Assures Nintendo

Nintendo has jumped to the defence of its upcoming 3DS handheld console, despite previously warning that the device could affect the eyesight of very young children.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo’s President Satoru Iwata said that the warning had not been intended to alarm people, rather it was simply informing customers of the potential pitfalls of using the device to avoid litigation. He confirmed that the warning “is not saying the product is dangerous”

“We are proactive about informing our customers. Otherwise we won’t put out a notice that wouldn't necessarily be positive for our sales,” he said.

The Japanese gaming giant had originally posted a warning on its website, saying that the 3DS could potentially harm the eyesight of younger children if used for too long, due to the delicate nature of eyesight development.

The American Optometrist Association has also released a report detailing that the console is not dangerous for under-sixes, providing that their eye-sight is developing normally.

The 3DS is due to be released on 26 February in Japan before arriving in the UK in March.