Hackers Target North Korean Social Media Accounts

South Korean hackers have taken over social media accounts associated with the North Korean government, using them to post negative comments and videos about the ruling Kim family.

Comments calling for an uprising in the communist country were posted on 8 January on a Twitter account associated with the North Korean regime.

On the same day, a cartoon video was posted on the North Korean Regime’s Youtube channel that saw Kim Jong’Il’s son and heir Kim Jong-Un driving a sports car into women and children, BBC News reports.

Responsibility for the attacks have since been claimed by popular South Korean website dcinside and are thought to have been to coincide with Jong-Un’s birthday on Saturday.

The attacks are the latest in a saga between Korean opposition hackers. Activists from dcinside recently claimed poems posted on the North Korean Uriminzokkiri website with the first letter of every line spelling out inflammatory remarks about the Kim family.