Hanvon Debuts First Colour E-Ink Reader

Chinese e-reader maker Hanvon has previewed its WISEreader E920, the world's first coloured e-ink reader, at CES.

The reader comes with a 9.7-inch display, a 200 dpi resolution, a 15 day battery life which will will require a recharge after the reader turns 10,000 pages, an expandable memory of up to 32GB and a Freescale 508 processor.

The WISEreader E920 will also feature a window-type operating interface, will be able to run on both Wi-Fi and 3G wireless networks and come with a built-in Chinese to English translator.

Liu Yingjian, president of Hanvon, said in a statement: “Hanvon introduced the world’s first colour E Ink reader, and we are continuing to innovate with our large-screen, high-res eReader. Consumers should expect clear, detailed text and images from their e-books, readable in bright light conditions, and the WISEreader E920 delivers this experience.”

The device is set to be launched in China in June 2011, but no price has yet been announced.