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Intel gets into bed with Bang and Olufsen

Bang and Olufsen has announced that it has entered into an official partnership with Intel.

The maker of flashy, design-led gadgetry favoured by hip-hop stars and very deep-trousered tech geeks has used the chip giant's silicon wares in its TV and hi-fi gear before now but has kept quiet about it.

Now the Danish company, which has a reputation for products which look fantastic but don't necessarily perform that well, is crowing loudly about its new relationship with the world's biggest maker of PC chips, saying that the two outfits would be sharing ideas and technology in both directions.

"Bang & Olufsen is working in cooperation with Intel to gain access to the latest technologies, and to provide Intel with first-hand information in the consumer electronics industry from a leader in the high-end segment," a statement on the company's web site says.

The two companies will cement their "strategic co-operation" by working on smart TVs which B&O will no doubt call 'exclusive', and the rest of us will call 'expensive'.