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ioSafe's Rugged Hard Drive Survives Shotgun Blast At CES

ioSafe has unveiled a new Rugged Portable hard drive capable of withstanding both water submersion and shotgun blasts at CES in Las Vegas.

The company demonstrated the toughness of the hard drive by first pelting it with drops of water, before then completely submerging it in a water tank, PCWorld reports.

The hard drive, which is available in 250 GB to 1 TB versions starting from $150, is also capable of withstanding an assault by a 12-gauge shotgun.

In a demonstration at a Las Vegas shooting range, data was recoverable from the drive even after it was shot six times.

The hard disk has been designed to work perfectly even after staying submerged in either salt or fresh water at a depth of 10 feet for a period of three days. ioSafe has also released a Titanium SSD version that is capable of withstanding water depths up to 30 feet.

ioSafe CEO Robb Moore said: “It has a full metal jacket and it is machined out of a solid billet of aluminum.”