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Lenovo Outlines Plans For Tablet Market

Lenovo has announced plans to focus on developing tablets for both the consumer and enterprise markets in order to strengthen its mobile division.

Speaking at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, company president and chief operating officer Rory Read said that Lenovo is set to flood the tablet market with Android-based devices in the coming months.

Lenovo has already unveiled its long-awaited Android 2.2-based 10.1-inch LePad at the event, set for release outside of China later this year.

“We have the LePad; we're launching into China. We've got the Hybrid. When Honeycomb is finished from Google in May, something like that, [a] couple of months after that we'll release it to the rest of the world,” Read said.

The company also announced plans to launch a number of tablets across the course of the year.

Lenovo's move into the tablet market has been carefully measured, with the company already partnering with wireless carriers and content providers to offer more media centric services to customers.