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Liverpool's Babel's tweet miffs FA

Liverpool footballer Ryan Babel may be disciplined by the Football Association after tweeting a mocked-up picture of referee Howard Webb in a Manchester United shirt.

The whingeing winger was venting his angst over a 1-0 defeat to United, that began with a limp penalty awarded for a foul on Dimitar Berbatov in the first minute, followed later by a Steven Gerrard sending off.

Babel posted the pic along with the message "And they call him one of the best referees? That's a joke. SMH."

That Tweet has now been down from his Twitter page, leaving a couple of grovelling apologies in its stead.

"My apology if they take my posted pic seriously. This is just a emotional reaction after losing an important game," Babel said, followed by, "Sorry Howard Webb!"

This morning he's babbling on about the Twitpolice coming to put him in Twittterjail. "#TwitPolice is gonna put me in #Twitterjail after 12, dont know how long dat will be". We haven't gotten to the bottom of that yet.

The Football Association said it would investigate the Twitterings. Babel could be charged with improper conduct and even banned for a game or two. Or maybe he'll be banned from Twitter. Maybe that's what he's on about.

Returning hero Kenny Dalglish, who was in charge of the team for his first match since replacing departing manager Roy Hodgson's described the penalty as "a joke".

"I have seen the replay and unless they have changed the rules it is no penalty," he told a press conference. "The other one, I cannot see that as a red card either."