MuRata Showcases Unicycling Robots

Japanese components manufacturer MuRata has demoed two robots at CES in Las Vegas, capable of riding both a bicycle and a unicycle.

The MuRata Boy robot comes fitted with an array of gadgets that allow it to smoothly navigate across flat terrain without bumping into objects. The bicycle-riding robot utilises multiple gyroscopes to prevent it from falling over.

The gyroscopes used are more commonly found in smartphones and are able to tell when the device is tilted so that the screen can be turned accordingly to keep balance.

The MuRata Girl robot is even more technologically advanced than the Boy, as she is able to ride a unicycle along a narrow beam.

Both the robots are equipped with ultrasonic sensors that allow them to avoid collisions.

The company said that the robots were not for sale, but were prototypes to demonstrate the capabilities of MuRata.

MuRata Girl weighs 6 kg and her dream is to ride around the world while MuRata Boy is 50 centimetres tall and is a Zodiac, Cnet reports.