News@10: Iceland Summons US Envoy Over WikiLeaks Probe, Huawei Unveils Ideos X5 & Viewsonic Viewpad

The Icelandic government has summoned the US ambassador Luis Arreaga to explain why Department of Justice (DoJ) officials are trying access the Twitter account of an MP linked to the controversial whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks.

Chinese telecoms behemoth Huawei has announced two Android-based smartphones, the Ideos X5 and X6, both of which boost some pretty impressive specifications and will be aimed at the middle of the market.

Viewsonic added another tablet to its line up with this model being based on Google's Android operating system at CES 2011.

The announcement at CES 2011 that Microsoft would deliver a full version of Windows 8 for the ARM architecture is one of the most defining moments in CES 2011, one which could change the dynamics of the technology market forever by offering a credible alternative to x86.

Japanese components manufacturer MuRata has demoed two robots at CES in Las Vegas, capable of riding both a bicycle and a unicycle.