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South Korean Director Shoots New Film With iPhone 4

South Korean director Park Chan-wook has announced that his new film was shot entirely using an iPhone 4.

Park, who gained international acclaim for such films as ‘Oldboy’ and ‘Thirst’, hosted a screening for the half-hour long ‘Paranmanjang’ - which means a “life full of ups and downs” - in South Korea on Monday.

Speaking after the screening, Park said that all aspects of the filming process were shot using the handset, including hunting for a film location, auditions, and a ‘making of’ documentary.

“We went through all the same film-making processes except that the camera was small,” he added.

Using the iPhone for filming, he said, had some advantages over more traditional movie cameras "because it is light and small and because anyone can use it."

Paranmanjang is a fantasy-horror film telling the story of an encounter between a fisherman and a woman he catches from the sea, the Associated Press reports.

The film is set to open in South Korean cinemas from 27 January.