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T-Mobile Halves Mobile Data Limits

T-Mobile is set to cut its monthly mobile data usage allowance limit from 1 GB to 500 MB from 1 February.

The company’s customers will now only be able to download half the amount of data they were previously allowed to before being cut off by the provider, TechRadar reports.

The change means that video streaming on-the-go is now effectively a defunct activity for T-Mobile customers - unless they want to rapidly exhaust their usage allowance.

T-Mobile is yet to confirm whether or not contracts for Android devices offering 3 GB of mobile data allowance will also be subject to the cuts.

The company describes the changes as an effort to align its fair usage policies, and that customers should be using their mobile phones for browsing rather than streaming or downloading.

A press release on the T-Mobile website helpfully points out to customers: “If you want to download, stream and watch video clips, save that stuff for your home broadband”.