Clegg witnesses £10 million Soho data centre deal

Soho Data Holdings of London and Xiking Culture Media of Beijing have signed an agreement to open a broadcast data centre in, surprisingly enough, Soho in a deal worth £10 million.

The deal between the two companies, which was witnessed today by UK deputy prime minister Nick Clegg and the deputy premier of China Li Keqiang, will fund the development of a carrier-neutral data centre in Soho measuring 4,000m² and featuring technology designed to drive adoption of video animation, 3D TV, and Internet broadcast TV.

The centre is expected to offer co-location services to other media companies in the area, while it will also house a computation farm capable of churning through complex calculations in mere moments - allowing the companies to offer 3D rendering services.

John Mills, chief executive at Soho Data Holdings, explained: "This investment enables us to offer an unrivalled service to London’s creative and visual effects companies, enabling them to create, store and produce digital content quickly, easily and cost effectively.

"It is a key part of our comprehensive, end-to-end platform for Internet TV broadcast and kicks-off the development of our relationship with our Chinese partners."

Ye Moaxi, president of Beijing-based Xiking Culture Media, was similarly pleased with the hook-up: "This deal establishes a bridge between China and the UK for the development of exciting new business opportunities. Soho Data provides the platform to build a new generation of Chinese-British partnerships within the creative, cultural and media industries."

It's not yet known when the facility will go live.