Cresswell Appointed CEO Of Arqiva

John Cresswell, the former senior manager at ITV, has been named as the new CEO of TV and radio equipment outfit Arqiva.

Arqiva, which is also a partner in BBC's YouView IPTV endeavour, said that Cresswell will replace Tom Bennie as the new CEO, The Guardian reports. Bennie had held the position since the company was formed in 2005.

Cresswell was previously the interim CEO of ITV, before being replaced by ex-Royal Mail head and FA boss Adam Crozier. Prior to that, Cresswell was chief operating officer at ITV.

“As a previous customer of Arqiva I know that the company is admired and respected for its innovation, engineering and operational excellence, and the talent and dedication of its people,” Cresswell said in an Arqiva press release.

He also said that he needed to quickly "get up to speed" with the company's mobile operations and focus on developing Arqiva's online TV project SeeSaw, which is based on ITV's Project Kangaroo that Arqiva acquired in July 2009.