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Ex Channel 4 Boss Hits Out At "Monstrous" Google

Former Channel 4 chairman Luke Johnson has accused Google of being "profoundly unethical" and not doing enough to support the UK economy.

In an article written for the Mail on Sunday, Johnson chastised the company for using tax havens such as Ireland and Bermuda to avoid paying corporation tax on its earnings outside of the US.

He also said that the company's Street View project was a "monstrous" invasion of privacy and that the company didn't produce its own content, but instead piggy-backed on other media firms to generate revenue through online advertising.

“Google has paid just 2.4 per cent corporation taxes on its overseas earnings of £7.2 billion since 2007. It exploits tax havens such as Bermuda to legally avoid taxation” he said.

In response, Google said in a statement: “Google complies completely with the tax laws of all the countries in which we have operations. As a result, we make a very substantial contribution to local and national taxation and provide employment for around a thousand people in the UK.”