Google Goggles now lets you cheat at Sudoku

Google Goggles, the search giant's image-recognition app for Android and iPhone, can now make sense of text for the first time - as well as solving Sudoku puzzles in record time.

The software, which is available as a standalone app for Android and as part of the Google Mobile App for iPhone, can now 'read' a wide range of print advertisements from magazines and newspapers.

As the advertising titan explained in a post on its official Goggle blog, users simply take a picture of the ad using their smartphone, and the app returns search results on the featured product.

The feature follows a trial that began last August, in which a number of US-based magazines carried 'Goggles-enabled' adverts for major brands.

The latest version of the software for Android, Google Goggles 1.3, also allows users to scan barcodes on products they find offline in shops, enabling them to search for information or compare prices on the product.

But the big news for the bored, insomniac or freelance among us is that Google Googles now enables users to cheat their way to success in Japanese number-noodling puzzle game Sudoku.

See for yourself, as the software beats the US national Sudoku champion in record time in this cheesy YouTube video.