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Google TV Finally Jailbroken

Google TV has been jailbroken by the GTVHacker dev team using a combination of software and hardware hacks.

In a 6 minute video posted on Youtube, the group shows how Google TV was jailbroken and reveals the underlying Android OS used to power it.

Last November, Android developer Howard Harte offered a $1,000 bounty to anyone who could show him how to jailbreak Google TV so that he could begin porting his Apps to the platform, as reported by RWW.

The hack isn’t advised for the faint-of-heart, though. It involves opening up a Logitech Revue unit, soldering some wires on the circuit board and then going through a complex and time-consuming software hack.

Harte explained in an e-mail cited by RWW: “What this means is that we now have a complete Android development environment for the Google TV."

As Google TV uses Android as an OS, it effectively means that it should be able to run Android Apps. The hack also circumvents the content block, allowing streaming TV services such as Hulu to run on the platform.